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voluminous cultural heritage


Zhemgang is fortunate to have a remarkably diverse ecosystem. 22 endangered animal species, including the Golden Langur, call its verdant woodlands home. Despite having a warm and humid climate across much of the area, its northern sections see somewhat chilly temperatures.

The ancient Bon (Animist) religious traditions are still practiced in Zhemgang, making it one of the few places where they are being practiced. Even though Buddhism has been gaining ground, each area of the district still adheres to its animist traditions, and the Bon priests, also known as Bonpo, are regarded as revered spiritual authorities.

The people of Zhemgang are well known for their voluminous cultural heritage, notably their folk music and dancing. They are renowned for their ability to create a variety of products from bamboo, including matting bamboo bowls called Bangchungs, alcohol containers called Palangs, headgear called Balaks, mats, and boxes. They are also skilled potters, and their ceramic goods formerly had great esteem across the nation.

Additionally, the area is home to a number of well-known Buddhist monasteries, including Buli Lhakhang and Tharpa Choeling Lhakhang. Terton Pema Lingpa, a well-known enlightener who revealed Guru Rimpoche’s forgotten sacred artifacts, constructed these ancient temples.

The Royal Manas National Park is among Zhemgang’s most intriguing characteristics. The oldest natural reserve in the Kingdom of Bhutan is this protected park. Numerous endangered species of animals and plants, including Golden Langurs and the Asian One-horned Rhinoceros, can only be found in this region because to its extraordinary biodiversity. The park is one of the world’s best natural preserves and the protected region with the richest ecological diversity in the whole kingdom.


Dzongkhag lies in the South – Central region of the country sharing borders with Bumthang to the north, Trongsa and Sarpang to the west, Mongar and pemagatshel to the east and the Indian State of Assam in the south.


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