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Bhutan as a Luxury Travel Destination: 5 Reasons Tourists Simply Love It​

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According to a study conducted by Research Dive, the luxury travel market is set to garnersignificant growth in the upcoming years. Bhutan has gained recognition and popularityamong luxury travelers for several reasons. A mystical destination that seamlessly blendsluxury, spirituality, and breathtaking natural beauty, renowned as the Land of the ThunderDragon, Bhutan has captivated the hearts […]

Top 3 Star Hotel in Bhutan 2023


Top 3 Star Hotel in Bhutan 2023 Have you always longed to Hike Taktshang (Tiger’s Nest)? We’re here to assist you in organizing your trip to this amazing and culturally diverse nation, whether you’re going on a gourmet tour, a spiritual retreat, or a romantic getaway. With spring break just around the corner, you may […]

Bhutan’s wonders (not all of them)

The Trans Bhutan Trail TBT

Bhutan’s wonders (not all of them) In visiting a place, or in simply exploring it digitally, the question of what makes it unique arises. An attempt at answering that question is proposed through this brief exploration of a few of Bhutan’s wonders. In keeping with the theme of wonders, seven are listed (this being far […]

Reasons why Bhutan should be on your travel bucket list for 2023!

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Reasons why Bhutan should be on your travel bucket list for 2023! Bhutan is a culturally and ethnically diverse country, with a fascinating history of ancient traditions and customs. With the many beautiful monasteries and stupas scattered across the country, visitors can explore the fascinating culture and traditions of the Bhutanese people. From vibrant festivals […]