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Chukha, which is situated in the deep subtropical woods of south-western Bhutan, is crucial to the country’s economic stability. Many enterprises have been established here, notably the Tala Hydroelectricity Project and the Hydro Power Project, which are the main sources of national wealth. The Chukha district serves as a point of entrance into Bhutan’s western region from India.

Those who are eager to take a road trip will have to deal with the winding roads that cascade down the mountain hills and the view of the surrounding lush vegetation. Since Chukha is home to some of the best and most revered monasteries in the nation, it also contributes significantly to the popularity of Buddhism. You will be enchanted by the Jabar Goemba monastery’s alluring splendor, which is ideally situated among five mountains. Another charming monastery nestled in the highlands is Paga Goemba, which is also the subject of several intriguing legends.

Phuntsholing, the district’s largest settlement, is located on the border between India and Bhutan. It is divided by a gate that is frequently photographed and is known as the Bhutan Gate. The crocodile breeding facility, where this predator is normally seen lounging about soaking up the sun, is one of the major tourist attractions in this area. A trip to Chukha Dzong is sure to leave you speechless. The fort is erected against a backdrop of beautiful greenery, which is a true feast for the eyes. To sum up, Chukha district becomes the ideal vacation spot for Bhutan with such a wide range of tourist attractions, favorable weather conditions, local foods, and shopping.


One of the most significant districts in Bhutan is Chukha, and the bustling border town of Phuentsholing is frequently referred to as the “Gateway to the South.”


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