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It lies along the western border of Bhutan. Often described as a remote dzongkhag which is one of the least visited areas in the country. The district is presided over by three mountains collectively referred as “Three Brothers” (Jampelyang, Chana-Dorji and Chenrizig)

Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo.: According to a legend, a black and white pigeon were released to select sites to build the temples. These two temples stand as the guardian sentinels keeping watch of the south entrance of the valley.

Haa Panorama Hiking Trail: Recently developed to showcase the pristine beauty and the intact environment of the Haa Valley.

Other day hikes: Chele la to Kila Goemba Nunnery hike, Lkhakhang Nagpo Hike, Meri Puensum Hike.